Ratatosk Leather Accessories
Сотрудничество с мастерской по коже Ratatosk Leather Accessories

The co-operation with the leather workshop Ratatosk

We’re appeared almost nowhere for several years of the brand-existence, concentrating our attention on design, quality improvement and organizing of work with the individual orders. Such method of approach allowed us to careful study and control the whole production process, to enter into close relations with the clients, to find out what is the most interested for them in the finished article, learn to make ergonomic things for people. For that time we’ve stored a great deal of experience, created universal convenient fashions of accessories, and now we’re ready to co-operation in the retail- and the whole-sale.
Now you can find our manufactured articles in St-Petersburg, Loft-Project “ETAJI”, Ligovskiy Avenue, 74, floor 1.2.
At present, we’re looking for a reseller carried away with his business in Moscow, and we’ll consider with joy the variants in other cities and abroad.
We’re glad to find new contacts and ready to co-operate with the shops (stores), granting our goods for sale. Write us freely – see Contacts.

The photo-report from markets, master-classes and shops:

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