Ratatosk Leather Accessories

We worked hard to make our workshop better in recent years and introduced Kaizen and Yama Niyama in all its processes. So we have some freed up time to think about aesthetic side of Ratatosk. Meet our new photo format.

We used to take part in this market(ATMOSPHERE), but organizers surprise us every time. This time the bazaar was held in the park 'Baku' in the center of Volgograd and had a special, unique atmosphere of a picnic, a weekend, a family holiday or a youth holiday.

Last autumn the presentation of two models of KIA went off in Volgograd. And they promised us to carry out a fascinating master-class for those who tested a new car. Of course, we agreed and discovered, to our surprise, that many people, and not only men, liked to work with their hands, to take tools in their hands and make something, even if a bit. In our turn, we approached the task with full responsibility and worked out a special mountable-dismountable table-bench for those master-classes.

We’ve visited the most beautiful city of Budapest – the second Paris, as they say. Of course, we’ve seen everything a traveler needed to see during the journey. Before that we’d studied all the requirements to the hand luggage permitted to take on the plane. And yes, we got to the Pride Parade, which is considered to be almost the biggest one in Europe, as they said.

Only you know how many things you bring to your job usually, but we’ve provided diverse variants – from the folder for a small stack of documents (A4-format) to the briefcase (or the bag) for a business trip.

Sometimes we don’t have time to photograph our articles before sending them to you. Just for this reason we’re very glad, when we receive unexpected photos from our customers. Thank you very much for that!

We’ve got accustomed to use the natural leather without any covering in our work. And, before the article finds its shape, we treat the leather carefully using the wax of ourselves production.

I’ve once more a passion that is with me approximately the same time as a passion for the leather working. That’s table RPGs, such as D&D.

We take part in the Charitable Bazaar not for the first time, which is held in the creative space “Ikra”. Every time we gain new acquaintances, meet our clients, both regular and new ones, and even see our old articles. You can see the photos from that event on the tag #atmosfera_bazar, and now here is our photo-report.

It’s not that everyone knows that, but our articles can be seen, touched and bought in the northern capital of our country as well.

All the February we spent in a fuss and had time to visit full 4 fairs: two fairs in TEC “Comsomall”, the fair “for one’s people“ in “Ambar” and the fair in TEC “Volgomall”. New contacts, new acquaintances were the biggest advantage which we found at those events.

Sometimes we receive the orders from married (and not only) couples on the same thing, but executed in two variants – men’s and women’s. Changing small details of the appearance we’ve learnt to obtain the necessary effect.

Our second sale experience at freemarket-ax. The Christmas sale was marked with a particular spirit of Christmas and good deeds – every participant, visitor and partner of the Christmas sale brought a little contribution in a big act of charity (means collected during the fair were used to buy sport equipment for children in cooperation with the fund of Elena Isinbayeva). We had time to prepare different kinds of purses and clutches for the fair.

The orders made with the use of the author’s work of Olga Smirnova. A weekend clutch with an application of glass beads with the image of a lion’s head, which goes very well with wine-colored-brown color of crust-leather.

Basically, we use two kinds of leather at manufacturing: the leather “crust” and the leather with the pull-up-effect. Both kinds of leather are high-quality materials, produced by Group of Companies «Русская Кожа», with the works in Spain, Russia and China. The natural calf leather has high wear-resistance, with a good paint of different colors, stable color, doesn’t flow and doesn’t leave stains.

In the end of September 2014 we imagined finally how our brand should look, what its main features should be and where it would be moving. And we decided that was the time to put all of that into the firm style. Our good friends – Evgeniya Lucevich (graphic design) and Andrew Chromov (video) – undertook the work. Evgeniya took the hint and designed the whole RATATOSK from the logo to advertising booklets and design of the web-site.

Our debut as retail-sellers took place on the open creative space “IKRA” at the event “MARKET ON THE VOLGA”. By that day we’d created and made the main lines of purses, clutches and bracelets.

An unusual order from the recostructor. The bag is made on the base of the thing-bag of Wehrmacht in Second World War time. In the working out that bag the drawings and archeological finds those thing-bags period of 1945–1951. The original accessories have been used an manufacturing that bag –D-formed rings, buttons, oval rings, frames.

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